50000 Metric Tons/Year

Molecular formularNaClO3 
CAS No. Cas 7775-9-9 
H.S. Code 2829.110000 
Proper Shipping NameSodium Chlorate 
Hazard Class5.1 
Packaging Details25kgs or 1000kgs/ bag 
Load capability27mt/20GP without pallet

Specification for Sodium Chlorate Based On GBT 1618-2018 

Item Superior class
Purity,w/% ≥ 99.5 


Water insolubles,w/% ≤0.01 

Chloride (based on Cl),w/%


Sulfate (based on SO4),w/% ≤0.01
Chromate (based on CrO4),w/%≤0.005 

Fe (based on Fe),w/% 



NaClO3 is the chemical formula of sodium chlorate, with a molecular weight of 106.44.Usually white or yellowish equiaxed crystals.Salty and cold, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol.In acidic solution has strong oxidation effect, more than 300 ℃ the separating oxygen.Sodium chlorate is unstable.When mixed with phosphorus, sulfur and organic matter, it is easy to burn and explode, and easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate.In industry, it is mainly used to manufacture chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite, perchlorate and other chlorate salts.


Dyeing Industry and Printing InksFireworks,Explosives and Match

Herbicide and DefoliantPaper Marking

Sodium chlorate  is used for making herbicides,defoliants as weed killer,explosives,dyes,matchmaking, fireworks, printing inks, paper, leather tanning, water treatment, metallurgy and ore processing, Extraction of bromine from seawater ,oxidants.

1,Sodium chlorate is Used as mordant and oxidant for printing and dyeing industry and inorganic industry;

2,Sodium chlorate is used in the manufacture of chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite ,Chlorate and perchlorate; 

3,Sodium chlorate Is a herbicide and defoliant for agriculture spray; 

4,The pharmaceutical industry  sodium chlorate is used to manufacture pharmaceutical zinc oxide and sodium dithiosuccinate. The pigment industry is used in the manufacture of advanced zinc oxide and Prussian blue;  

5,Sodium Chlorate is used as bleaching agent for paper making and tanning and Ore treatment; 

6,Sodium Chlorate  can also be used for Extraction of bromine from seawater and manufacturing of printing inks, explosives,fireworks  match etc


Inner plastic ourter woven bag,net weight 25kg/bag or tons bag

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