Item Superior class Test Result for Reference
Purity,w/% ≥ 99.599.55
Moisture,w/% ≤0.10.03
Water insolubles,w/% ≤0.010.008
Chloride (based on Cl),w/% ≤0.150.04
Sulfate (based on SO4),w/% ≤0.010.008
Chromate (based on CrO4),w/%   ≤0.0050.0005
Fe (based on Fe),w/% ≤0.0050.002

1. It is a mordant and oxidant, used in the printing and dyeing industry and the inorganic industry.

2. Used in the manufacture of chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite and perchlorate.

3. It is a herbicide used in agriculture.

4. The pharmaceutical industry is used in the manufacture of medicinal zinc oxide and sodium dithiosuccinate. Pigment industry for the manufacture of advanced zinc oxide and hualan.

5. It is a bleaching agent for papermaking and tanning. Ore processing.

6. It is used to extract bromine from seawater and manufacture printing inks, explosives, etc.

7. It is used for the determination of silicon dioxide, nutrients and adhesives.

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