chitosan oligosaccharide has wide adaptability to plants, good affinity, non-toxic, no side effects, harmless to human and livestock, can be biodegraded, does not harden the soil in the soil, can be slowly degraded into 

small molecule carbohydrates, has no pollution to the environment, and is an excellent pure natural 

ecological agent.

Appearance:Reddish brown liquid
Molecular Weight:1280Da
Ash Content≤0.8%

Main features, usage and dosage
1.Completely soluble,MW≤1500Da
2.High content of chitosan oligosaccharides with 2-8 degree of polymerization
3.Active content≥93.5%,ash content≤0.8%
4.Excellent compatibility and tolerance to PH1-14

trickle irrigation or broad irrigation:300-500g/660 m2
Spraying:Dilution 800-1200 times

It can be used in combination with microbial agents, large amount of elements, trace 

elements, amino acids, etc.; it can also be used in combination with pesticides

Main efficacy
1.Enhance the immunity of plants.
2.It can activate the activity of various enzymes in the plant, make the growth 

of various organs of the plant vigorous, so as to improve the output and quality of products.
3.It can induce the plant to produce resistant enzyme system, improve the plant 

resistance, and kill the pathogens causing root rot, scab, Phytophthora and other diseases.
4.It can promote the activities of nitrogen fixing bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, 

cellulose decomposing bacteria and actinase in soil, and ensure the growth 

of plants in good soil environment.

5.It can make some microorganisms in the soil secrete enzymes that kill 

nematodes and drive them away effectively.
6.Seed dressing, soaking, coating and other methods can enhance 
the seed 

germination force, improve the germination rate, and promote the early emergence of seeds.

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