Product introduction:


1. Chemical name: calcium propionate

2, molecular formula: c6h10cao 4 · 0-1 H2O

3, molecular weight: 186.22 (anhydride)

4,CAS: 4075-81-4

5. Calcium propionate as a feed additive can effectively inhibit feed mildew and prolong feed storage period. If combined with other inorganic salts, it can also improve the appetite of livestock and increase the milk yield of dairy cows. Calcium propionate has the advantages of low volatility, high temperature resistance and good adaptability to animals.

6.Application: antiseptic; antiseptic.

Basic Parameters                                

Name of Sample: Calcium Propionate                      Bath       No.:  2020.03.15

Exp. Date: 2022.03.14                                            Complies   With:  HGT 2931-1987(1997)

AppearancesWhite Crystalline PowderWhite Crystalline Powder
Assay(On dry basis), %≥98.0  99.2
Insoluble Substances, % ≤0.15<0.15
Loss On Drying, %≤9.58.7
Free Acid,% ≤0.11<0.11
Free Alkali, %≤0.06<0.06
Arsenic(as As ), ppm≤2<2
Heavy metals(as Pb),ppm ≤20<20

Product application

Packing: It is packed with polythene bag as the inner layer, and polywoven bag as the outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.


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