The powder state of Sargassum extract, pure biological enzymatic hydrolysis 

process, without any acid and alkali addition; the original active substances 

of seaweed are well preserved; the plant endogenous hormones are balanced, 

with dual effects of fertilizer and hormone.Biological fertilizer can improve plant 

growth and yield. A large number of studies have revealed a variety of benefits. 

The application of seaweed extract in plants has good economic benefits, 

stimulating seed germination, increasing yield, improving the resistance 

to biological stress rather than biological stress, and prolonging the storage period.

Main technical specifications

Content coefficient of Sargassum fertilizer
PH: 5.5
Alginate content (seaweed oligosaccharide):≥18%
Organic matter:≥80%
Betaine (aminobutyric acid, acetylcholine):≥30ppm
Zeatin:≥18 ppm
Gibberellin:≥0.6 ppm
Kelp polyphenols:≥12 ppm
Cytokinin:≥9 ppm
Indoleacetic acid:2.7 ppm

Mode of action of algal growth stimulating factor

Seaweed products have the activity of promoting growth, and the use of seaweed 

formula as a biological stimulant in crop production has been very mature. 

Biostimulants are defined as "materials that promote crop growth in addition 

to fertilizers". When applied in small amounts, plants will grow, which is called 

"metabolic enhancers". Seaweed extract has bioactivity at low concentration.

Usage method:

Drip or wash application: 0.5-1kg / 660 m2;Leaf spray: 1000-2000 times diluted.

Impact on soil health

Soil structure and water conservation not only promote plant growth, but also 

affect physical, chemical and biological properties, which in turn affect plant 

growth. Seaweed and seaweed extracts enhance soil health by improving moisture retention.

Alginate combines with metal ions to form a high molecular weight complex 

in soil to absorb water, expand, maintain soil water and improve aggregate structure. 

This leads to better soil aeration and capillary activity in soil pores, which in turn 

stimulates plant root growth and promotes soil microbial activity. The characteristics 

of unicellular algae have been confirmed to have a certain value in soil remediation, 

especially in the remediation of heavy metal pollution in contaminated soil.

Impact on crop yield

Seaweed extract can promote early flowering and fruiting. In many crops, 

when flowering is related to the number of flowers produced, seaweed extract 

can effectively promote flowering and enhance plant growth. The increase 

of plant yield after seaweed treatment is considered to be one of the reasons 

for the increase of hormone extracts, especially cytokinins. Plant cytokinin organs 

are related to the distribution of nutrients. The distribution of photosynthetic 

products may shift, perhaps significantly, from vegetative organs (roots, 

stems and young leaves) to fruit development for fruit growth and development.

Main efficacy
1. Promote cell division and stimulate growth.
2. Promote root development.
3. Enhance cold resistance, cold resistance and disease resistance.
4. Promote flower bud differentiation, reduce the size of fruit.
5. Increase photosynthesis and increase young fruit size.
6. Delaying crop senescence and prolonging harvest period.


Generally speaking, plant cells contain a mixture of sterols, such as stigmasterol, 

24-methylcholesterol and cholesterol. Brown seaweed mainly contains phycosterol 

and phycosterol derivatives, while red seaweed mainly contains cholesterol and cholesterol 

derivatives. Ergosterol and 24 methylcholesterol were mainly accumulated in green algae.

growth hormone

It has been detected that seaweed extract contains plant growth regulators. 

In fresh seaweed formula, it contains cytokinin and indoleacetic acid (IAA) gibberellins, 

cell division like compounds and polyphenols. In higher plants, IAA appears with 

carboxyl groups, glycans, amino acids and peptides, which are converted into free IAA after hydrolysis.

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