• Seaweed products


    Seaweed products have the activity of promoting growth, and the use of seaweed formula as a biological stimulant in crop production has been very mature. Biostimulants are defined as "materials that promote crop growth in addition to fertilizers". When applied in small amounts, plants will grow, which is called "metabolic enhancers".

  • Sodium Bisulfate


    Sodium Bisulfate

  • Sodium Carbonate


    Molecular Formula: Na2CO3 Molecular Weight: 105.99 Purity:98.8% Appearance : white crystal powder PH of 1%aqueous solution: 11.6 CAS No.: 497-19-8 EINECS No.: 207-838-8 Technical Specification : GB210.1-2004

  • Seaweed Extract Acid


    CAS No.9005-32-7 Other Names norgine EINECS No.232-680-1 HS.code:31010090.90 MDLnumber:MFCD 00081309 organic essence: 50%min Seaweed Extract: 20g/L min