Potassium humate powder Shipping news


Today, our 25 ton Potassium humate powder is packed. The quality is very good, and the customer is also very satisfied.

Potassium humate powder is a soluble humic acid fertilizer. Humic acid in weathered coal is extracted with a certain proportion of sodium hydroxide (potassium) solution, separated from the residue, concentrated and dried to obtain solid sodium (potassium) humic acid finished product.

Production method: the weathered coal is first wet milled to obtain a coal slurry with a particle size of less than 20 mesh. It is put into the batching tank, added with a calculated amount of caustic soda (potassium hydroxide), controlled ph11, and mixed according to the liquid-solid ratio of 9:1, and then sent to the extraction tank. Jacketed steam is heated to raise the temperature in the tank to 85 ~ 90 ℃, stirred for 0.5 hours, unloaded into the sedimentation tank to separate the solid and liquid, the upper clear liquid is transferred to the evaporator to concentrate to 10 Baume degrees, and pumped to spray drying, The device is spray dried to get the finished product.