The 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pool In The World(1)


1.The most romantic thing

Bali Island blue point pool 

The blue point hotel in Bali, perhaps the most famous infinity pool hotel. The "blue dot" is located on the uruvatu cliff, with an invincible romantic sea view and a famous surf spot under the cliff. The surfers who come to this challenge are the top experts from Europe and America.

The blue point are called romantic, largely because of the Bluepoint Chapel.

Every week, lovers from all over the world look into the distance through the glass walls  of the church. The vast India ocean is in front of the eyes.Facing the sea, in the song making a lifetime promise in singing.It's really romantic.

The blue point pool is under the beautiful glass church, the white church building, the boundless blue coastline, wandering in the blue swimming pool, as if inadvertently swam into the sea. Whispering with lovers, or smiling at each other with their girlfriends, the whole world is immersed in a quiet blue.


2.A swimming pool closest to the sky 

Kata Rocks

Each villa has an independent private pool, a sense of unparalleled space and a sense of tranquility, creating a 

harmonious and beautiful atmosphere in the green and tropical environment. 

Kata Rocks is a luxury boutique holiday resort located at the southern tip of Katar beach on the West Bank of 

Phuket Island. Kata Rocks builds a "ocean style" with a spectacular surrounding glass and white metal structure. 

The resort owns 34 Sky Villa, all with private free swimming pools, spacious dining rooms, beautifully decorated 

bedrooms and bathrooms. Also equipped with the latest iPad interactive system, easy control of all equipment in the villa.

3.The most quiet swimming pool 

Banyan Tree Seychelles

Lying on the side of the pool watching the sea bask in the sun, quietly soaking all afternoon will not feel wasted time. 

Luxuriant palm trees and tropical forests are decorated with endless beautiful beaches. Devoted to the undisturbed original beauty of Seychelles, enjoying unparalleled beauty. The Seychelles banyan tree is located in the happy destination , enjoying the magnificent India scenery and the Takamaka native trees. 

Each villa has an excellent view, and we are deeply attracted by the sudden opening of the door. The ridge side 

villa is built on the mountain. The overlooking sea can be seen in the blue sea with its own private swimming pool and large terrace. 

4.The highest swimming pool 

Sands SkyPark

There is a special swimming pool in the air garden of Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It looks as if the swimming pool is floating in the air. There is no boundary. If the person who travels in the pool is not careful, it will fall from the height of 200 meters. Media reports say that this is the largest outdoor swimming pool in the world. 

The difficulty of swimming pool design and the visual effects of people are very impressive. 

The swimming pool is like a clear spring on the edge of the cliff, and the spring gradually spreads to the horizon.

It is as if there should be a waterfall flying down. But in fact, when the water overflows the boundary of the 

swimming pool, it does not directly hit the ground. Instead, it flows into the collecting tank  not far below, which 

is filtered into the swimming pool.