Qingdao Develop Tcca Tablets Handled Qingdao's Sewage Mildew And Stink


Licun river is one of the largest water system of Qingdao city, as a beautiful "business card" licang district, beautiful ecological landscape along the river became numerous people yearning place, citizens often have a rest there.Back then, it was a typical example of "dirty".

In recent years, under the sweeping and comprehensive renovation,especially using these tcca tablets from Qingdao develop company,many of the island cities like licun river have now completed the "butterfly transformation", which has become a beautiful scenery for the public.

For Qingdao, which is famous for its beautiful scenery and sea, the beautiful landscape river is constantly adding bright colors to the beautiful canvas, making it a new pride for the beautiful people living in Qingdao.