The Top Ten Most Beautiful Swimming Pools In The World (2)


6.The closer to the nature

 Four Seasons

When it comes to Tanzania, the images come to mind: thousands of antelope marching peacefully through the serengeti, continuing their annual migration.

The four seasons hotel serengeti is the only luxury hotel in Tanzania in the serengeti. It is a perfect blend of primitive nature and modern modernity.

Tanzania's serengeti four seasons hotel designed by world famous hotel design firm Wilson, a total of 77 rooms, including 12 suites and five free standing villas, small swimming pool and is equipped with a private swimming pool.

This redefining the brand's cabin provides guests with a memorable shelters, escape to the heart of Africa's best wildlife park area, designer to design a contemporary African aesthetics, use of the area's natural beauty.

The infinity pool directly faces the endless prairie and wildlife that are frequented by the water, and from sunrise to sunset, you can see the rare sight of the prairie.

In addition to standard safari Tours, guests can also participate in balloon flights, jungle picnics and other activities.

Pool location: Tanzania serengeti grassland.

7.The most fancy swimming pool

Cosmopolitan Suites

Situated on the edge of a cliff, the elegant Cosmopolitan Suites hotel in santorini, Greece, can enjoy spectacular volcanoes and distant ocean views.

Here, you can do nothing all day long, gazing at the pool in the hotel with the Aegean sea and blue sky, let the clouds, birds, and filling your line of sight between the yacht, waiting for the surface of silver gradually by sunset dyed golden yellow.

Cosmopolitan Suites is a small luxury hotel with 10 guest rooms and Suites, with a strong local feature of santorini.

In the picturesque landscape, the white walls of the hotel create a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

Each guest room is meticulously designed, and the details embody the romantic and tender feelings that are unique to santorini.

The balcony of the room stands in the wind, the moving scenery is in front of you.

Pool address: the central location of the town of fera in santorini, Greece.

8.The most garden swimming pool

Ubud Hanging Garden

The ubud sky garden hotel is surrounded by dense virgin forest and terraced fields. It is built on a hill and can be seen from the view of the AYUNG river.

By cable car, you can easily arrive at the hotel, and have a unique sensory enjoyment.

There are 30 deluxe Pool Villas, 6 deluxe Suite Pool Villas, 2 2-bedroom Family Pool Villas.

These villas are decorated in traditional Balinese style, with separate pools, thatched roofs and very interesting mountains.

Pool address: Bali ubud terrace.

9.The most heavenly swimming pool

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

French Polynesia, a place that seems out of reach, but to speak of Tahiti, you may feel familiar.

Tahiti is the largest island of the French Polynesian society, which is the largest island in the windward islands.

The hard work of the long flight seems to have vanished in a moment, the charming islands of the south Pacific that allow you to indulge in and forget.

How can a holiday paradise lose its fabulous resort?

There are a lot of luxury resort hotels on Tahiti island, and there are a lot of luxury residences on bora bora and on the island of mollia, which is a unique landscape here.

The four seasons bora bora resort is located in the dreamlike bora bora.

The world of the south Pacific, makes you feel that life is being redefined...

Whether it's an exotic water house, or a pool house facing the sea, it's surrounded by a magnificent, enchanting sunset with the Otemanu peak.

Pool address: Tahiti bora bora.

10.The most maximal swimming pool

The Cambrian

The Cambrian hotel, located in The picturesque town of Adelboden, enjoys a spectacular view of The southern Swiss Alps with a unique SPA area.

No matter in Bern, Switzerland heights (Bernese Oberland) ski slopes, hiking in The mountainside grass fresh mountain air, or from The warm thus hotel to see The most beautiful snow mountains, The 88 - square - kilometer Adelboden traditional Swiss mountain village to reality your wishes.

Wales founder renovated in 2007, the participants hotel (" Cambria "was translated into Latin in wales), decorate for the internationalization of comfortable interior features, give priority to with local color and natural materials, guests can also enjoy the hotel SPA and haute cuisine.

The hotel has a 700-square-meter spa and an outdoor heated swimming pool overlooking the mountains.

Spacious and elegantly furnished rooms are equipped with a free wireless network with a flat-panel satellite TV and a DVD player.

Guests can enjoy the unique landscape of mountains and waterfalls in the lounge and on the sunny patio, with a fireplace and a pool table.

The Cambrian restaurant offers modern Swiss dishes made with local seasonal ingredients, and Scott's Bar offers a variety of drinks and snacks.

In addition, guests can rent a hotel bike to explore the surrounding area, or take the shuttle to the ski resort.

Pool address: adboden, Bern, Switzerland.