Sodium Bisulfate


Sodium Bisulfate

----pH - adjusting agent for swimming pool

Molecular Formula: NaHSO4

Molecular Weight: 120.06


Appearance: White granular crystal


CAS No.:7681-38-1

EINECS: 231-665-7

HS code:28331900

Un number: 1842

Standard ZBG12002 87

ComponentsType lType ll
AppearanceWhite granular crystalWhite granular crystal
Main content≥98%≥96%
Fe content≤0.1%≤0.1%
lnsoluble in water≤0.1%≤0.1%
Packing25kg plastic bag with inner bag


Sodium bisulfate,also called sodium hydrogen sulfate. ltsanhydride has hygroscopicity. Its solution appears acid reactionand the pH of 1mol/L solution is about 1.4. lt is often used toreduce the alkalinity of swimming pool water.


Standard:ZBG12002 87

Appearance: White granular crystal

Main content: 96%min

pH: 1-2

Fe content: 0.1%max

lnsoluble in water: 0.1%max

Soften Point: 315℃min


As pH adjusting agent,it can make ceramic. It also can be used as auxiliary agent for dyeing, solvent for melting mineral,disinfectant and detergent for in daily chemical industry,raw material for sulfate salts and sodium alum,and slso used aspetroleum artesian well and ameliorant.


lt should be stored in cool,dry and ventilated place andprotected against moisture.