Seaweed Extract Acid


Seaweed Extract Acid

CAS No.9005-32-7

Other Names norgine


EINECS No.232-680-1


MDLnumber:MFCD 00081309

organic essence: 50%min

Seaweed Extract: 20g/L min


This fertilizer can improve crops' quality,enhance plantsresistance to the disease,regulate the inner part of farm cropenvironment of balance,stir up the activities of various Mao,promote growth of crops, have the obvious effect together withagrochemical,decline the remains of agrochemical,make thefruit yield increase 10%~30%, and improve soil etc.

Method of application:

Foliar spraying: to dilute it with water for 800-1000 times andfor 120-180 mi/ha. For some crops, to use more than twice canget good effect,such as tomatoes,peppers and eggplant.Theyield could be increase 15%~20%.

Blunt applying or drop irrigation: 

to dilute it withwater for 600-800 times and for 1800~3000 mlha.Only usingonce can get good effect,especially for onions,garlic andginger.


Seaweed acid: 20g/L min

B: 10g/L min


P2O5: 1.5%min 

Organic matter: 50%min

pH: 8-10


lf it rains in 8 hours after spraying,spray again.