Plant Growth Substance Organic Fertilizer Seaweed Extract


The use of seaweed as fertilizer has a long history abroad. Most of China's seaweed grows in the South China Sea, and it has great value in China's agricultural field.

In 1998, a Beijing Chemical Company extracted a variety of effective substances from Sargasso algae and used them in the production and processing of seaweed fertilizer, creating a precedent in China's seaweed fertilizer and also officially reflecting the agricultural value of Sargasso. 

Due to China's unique geographical conditions, seaweed is growing well, and its production of seaweed fertilizer has become the largest in Asia.


1. Promote cell division and stimulate growth.

2. Promote root development

3. Enhance cold resistance, cold resistance and disease resistance.

4. Promote flower bud differentiation, reduce the size of fruit.

5. Increase photosynthesis and increase young fruit size

6. Delaying crop senescence and prolonging harvest period.

7. The application of seaweed extracts on plants has good economic benefits, stimulates seed germination,increases yield, improves resistance to organism instead of biological stress, and prolongs the storage period.