Chlorine disinfection for epidemic prevention


Recently, there have been new personnel in Qingdao Xinguan epidemic. In recent days, the city held a nucleic acid test in the whole city. All Qingdao citizens went to the specific detection points for testing. Due to the excessive number of personnel, the cleaning and disinfection work in the site should be done in place, and the disinfectant is needed to eliminate the virus and bacteria. Our product trichloroisocyanuric acid can effectively kill viruses, bacterial spores and other harmful substances All the nucleic acid tests were completed in only three days in the city. Except for the initial report, there was no new staff. The disinfection measures on site were in place. Recently, a novel coronavirus pneumonia patient has also appeared in Tengzhou. Our company donated a large amount of three chloro isocyanuric acid to help the Tengzhou disinfection work. It is hoped that the epidemic will end soon.